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Posted: July 26, 2001
Subject: Lost CD's

Collin lost a black CD case full of music Cd's at Estates Park. If anyone has this or saw it laying around,could you please let me know. I think he may have left it in the bunk room the first night he slept in there. If had about 10 CD's in it. Thanks!!

Anglie Ulness

Posted: July 26 2001


WHERE: Fremont Lakes WHEN: August 24th & 25th

Call Debbie to rsvp or if you have any questions.

Posted :March 28, 2001
Shari Lin

Shari Lin, Doug and my daughter, offically became a citizen of the United States this past Tuesday. There was a wonderful ceremony downtown, and ceremonies all over the country as the new citizenship act came into effect. Here is a photo of Shari the day she became a citizen. See you all in July!

Close-up of Shari.JPG (21948 bytes)

Posted :March 02, 2001

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Cody. He underwent his heart procedue on February 14, (how appropriate!). He initially had some complications with bleeding and then he caught the flu immediately following surgery! He was a real trooper and started really feeling better in about a week. We are hopeful that the operation was a success although they found something different that what was expected. He is now wearing a 24 hour monitor to evaluate his rhythm etc. I have faith that it will all come out ok. I must mention that Zach had "twin sympathy pains" the day of Cody's surgery. He complained of pain in the right groin area which is where Cody hurt the most! I guess there really is a connection between twins! Anyway, thanks again to all. Love Lisa

Posted: January 10, 2001
Subject: Jennifer and Louis Vanlaningham

Finally Mr. and Mrs. Vanlaningham!!!!!!!!! Jennifer and Louis were married on December 30, 2000 up in Great Lakes, Illinois. Louis graduated from Navy bootcamp and now is in Pensicola, Florida at "A" school until March. Jennifer and Alexis will join him when he is through with all the schooling the Navy wants to put him in. Chances of him getting stationed in Norfolk, Virginia where Jason is are pretty good if he graduates in the top 5% of his class. He is loving it and they are both pretty excited about all this.

drier.jpg (62084 bytes)

Posted: January 02, 2001
Subject: Holiday photo of Shari Lin

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our daughter, Shari Lin. She is now 18 months old and has been home with us for 5 months. She is a wonderful child - very happy, very sweet, with a spiritual sense about her. We are looking forward to you all meeting her at the reunion this summer. Shari is an absolute joy in our lives. Here is a photo that was her first glimpse at Santa Claus (actually at my office party). Happy New Year to all!

shari.jpg (58926 bytes)

Posted: November 15, 2000
Pat's Marriage

Pat was married on October 28th to David Baird. The wedding was just for the immediate families since it was the second marriage for each of them. It was a beautiful and very meaningful service. They are living at Pat's house until they can sell his house and then start looking for something larger .

Posted: October 05 , 2000
Subject: Jason

Hello everybody its me Debbie!!! Just wanted to let you know Jason is finally coming home for 2 weeks on the 14th of October. He is graduating from his "C" school and then on to his first sea comand, the USS Vella Gulf, CG 72, stationed in Norfold, VA. He's doing really good. Graduating 4th in his class. I'm sure he'll want to see everybody so maybe we'll have a get together while he's here. I'll let you all know when.

Posted: August 12 , 2000
Subject: A picture of the new Weber Baby

Here is a picture of the new Weber Baby!!!!

Baby Ben.jpg (42133 bytes)


Posted: August 12 , 2000
Subject: New Baby Weber

Benjamin Thomas Weber introduced himself to the world after two days of labor and finally a c-section at 12:48 A.M. on August 10, 2000 as a 10lb 14oz, 2l in. boy. Both Mom and Baby are fighting infections. Mom is doing much better now but Baby Ben will have to remain in the hospital for at least two weeks to fight an ecoli bacteria in his blood. We ask for your prayers. Thanks. (Pictures to follow)

Posted: August 7 , 2000
Subject: Joe Hahn's news

    OK, here's the deal. In the past year or so I have had one shoulder operated on, A shot of cortisone in the other. I have arthritis in my knees and feet, and last weekend I pulled a muscle in my back. If I was a horse they would shoot me and take me to the glue factory. OK, Here's the real deal. We will be moving on Saturday, September 2nd. Any of my big strong Brothers, Brothers in law, Sons, Nephews, Friends who do not have plans for labor day weekend I should be able to keep you busy for a few hours Saturday morning. We are going to use the "two men and a pickup" method of moving so if you have a pickup and don't mind We could use your help. Thanks

            Posted: July 28,2000
Hahn Reunion Pictures

           Hello there. All those pictures you saw me taking at the Hahn family reunion will be available to through my mom shortly. I have been lazy about sending them to her. If you are real nice to her she may even let you have some. Most of the pictures are of the many cute children in the Hahn family. I never know what to do with the pictures once I take them and hopefully my mom will be able to sort them out and get them to everyone who wants them. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

            Brian Kelly Hahn

Posted: July 05, 2000
Subject: Second Annual Kehahn Campout

The Second Annual KeHahn Campout

will be held in Fremont August 18th and 19th


Anyone interested, please call Debbie!


Posted: June 30th, 2000
Subject: News from Doug and Linda Wilson

We have just received our travel dates for our trip to China to adopt  our daughter, Shari Lin. Thank you for all of our prayers - I heard that a lot of you got to see her photos at the June Reunion. We will be going to Hong Kong on July 19, then traveling to  Guangzhou, then on to Jiangmen where her orphanage is, then back to   Guangzhou for processing for the remainder for the trip. We'll actually also be in JAPAN both ways since our flights go thought Tokyo! Talk about an international trip...  We are so looking forward to being with our daughter. Please keep us > in your prayers, especially during the trip, so that we can all  return safely home.

Best Regards, 

Posted: May 21, 2000
Subject: News for Hahn Website

This message was recieved from Linda and Doug Wilson

We are very pleased to announce the news about our daughter, Shari Lin. We received information on May 17th
that provides her name and province in China. This means that we have been "matched" with our child. When we
get her photo, we will digitize it so it can also appear on this site.

She has a birthrate of June 26, 1999, so will be about 13-14 months old when we go to China. The anticipated
travel date for us to go to China is sometime in August. Her name in Chinese is Jing Yu Yin, which means
"green jade". She is currently in the city of Jiangmen, province of Guangdong, on mainland China.

We feel so blessed to at last know who our child is, and we pray that God whispers in her ear that her mommy
and daddy will be there soon to bring her home. We look forward to introducing you to our child at next year's reunion!

More news later....thank you for your prayers, and please keep us in your thoughts. While the longest road is now
behind us, there are still significant steps remaining to unite our family and bring her safely home.

Best Regards,

Linda and Doug

Posted: April 23rd, 2000
Subject: FYI

This message was recieved from Bruce and Jodene Keeler

Dear Friends and Family:

As many of you may not know Jo and I have been exploring the possibilities of enlarging our family through open
adoption. Although we have not yet achieved that goal, we have made progress in that we have completed several
marathon adoption-training sessions and the reams of paperwork required to become eligible for selection.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process of open adoption, once you become eligible (i.e. complete the training
and paperwork) your family profile is shown to prospective birth parents who then select who they wish to parent
their child. The birth and adoptive parents then meet to determine if they are compatible.

Any of you familiar with traditional adoptions may be scratching your heads and asking why does that matter?
The answer is that in an open adoption the birth parents and adoptive parents hopefully have ongoing contact
throughout the child's life. This allows the child to grow up with a link to his/her biological family. In an open adoption
the child will have access to answers that many children adopted through closed adoptions may never have. This and
many other reasons are why Jo and I are pursuing an open adoption.

I guess the purpose of this note was to let everyone know the status of our progress and to let you know where
we are going from here. It could be a week or never but God willing we just may show up with another bundle of
joy sometime.

Please put in a good thought with your prayers.

Love, Bruce, Jo and Capri

PS If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask either Jo or myself. It is one of our current
favorite topics of conversation.

If anyone has anyone family news that they would like posted here, fill out this form!!