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Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
hybridcover.jpg (31277 bytes) A while ago, my brother attended a Kottonmouth Kings concert here in Omaha. Performing with KMK was Linkin Park. I had never heard of them until my brother had told me about them. He said they are awesome in concert. I got the chance to listen to some MP3's of theirs shortly there after and they pretty much just kicked ass so I decided to download the whole CD. That turned out to be a very good move. The CD is entitled Hybrid Theory. There are a total of 11 tracks on the CD and they are all very good.

The band's sound almost reminds me of limp bizkit, but not as commercialized and "Fred Dursty" , if you will. Their lyrics are better also.

If I had to describe this album in a phrase, it would have to be "the perfect balance between rock and rap". In all the tracks on the CD, there is sweet guitar work and turntable sounds. Throw in some tight ryhmes and rock lyrics and you have a sweet CD.

LB's Recommendation: BUY THIS CD! or steal it if you have to.