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Introducing PlasticGuy v3.0!


Hello! My name is Dave Hahn and I would like to introduce you to PlasticGuy! I am the creator of PlasticGuy and want to tell you about what it can do for your company!

PlasticGuy v3.0 is a program that automates the process of calculating quotes for plastic parts.

PlasticGuy v3.0 contains features such as:

PlasticGuy v3.0 is your solution for automatic quote generation!

Below are some screen shots from PlasticGuy

This is the login screen. This is where you can enter a user name and password to gain access to PlasticGuy.

login.jpg (10411 bytes)

This is a picture of the PlasticGuy input window while login is disabled. This is where you enter in the information for the quote. Input is simple and easy. You just enter the information that the program requests and press the "Calculate" button.

input.jpg (69676 bytes)

This is the Customer Database Manager. From here, you can store all your information about customers. This picture shows how to can view information on any customer in the database by clicking on it!

CDM.jpg (46966 bytes)

(The customer shown above is for demonstration purposes only)

This picture is of the PlasticGuy results screen. This holds all of the calculation results

results.jpg (45705 bytes)


Simple. Easy.Effective.

System Requirements for PlasticGuy

Every PlasticGuy software package comes with sample input data to get you started. Also, you are provided with a sample customer entry in the Customer Database so that you can get started managing your customer information with PlasticGuy today!


If you would like to place an order, please return the portion below the line in the envelope provided, or send an e-mail to that includes the information requested below. Your order will be shipped as soon as payment is received. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


Please print.

Company Information

Company Name: ____________________________

Contact Name: ______________________________

Street Address: ______________________________

City: ____________ State: __________

Zip Code :________

Phone Number: (____) - _____ - ______

Fax Number : (____) - _____ - ______

E-Mail Address : ____________@__________________

Cost Information

PlasticGuy v3.0 (Current Build) w\manual -----------------$450.00

Shipping and Handling--------------------------------------- $5.50

                                                        Total Cost----$ 455.50


Cost Information

PlasticGuyv3.0 (Current Build) w\manual -----------------$100.00

Shipping and Handling --------------------------------------$5.50


                                                         Total Cost ---$105.50

Please include payment with this slip

Make checks payable to: David Hahn  1010 N. 63rd St.  Omaha, NE 68132