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Welcome to Dave's World

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My name is Dave and this is my page. This page contains my interests and hobbies.

About Me

   I live in Omaha, Nebraska and an a Sophomore at UNO (University of Nebraska at Omaha). I have an internship at HDR Architecture in the Computer Department. I do network operations, programming, etc. You name it, I probably do it or know how to do it.

Computer Related Stuff

   Computer systems, etc that I know.

        1. Programming

Click here for my programming page

2. Networking

  • Ethernet (10 mbps)

  • Token Ring (4 and 16 Meg)                

  • Client \ Server networks (LAN's)

  • WAN Connectivity                                            

                     3. Other software

Comedy Stuff

   For those of you that know me, I love laughing. I laugh all the time. Usually at stupid things. When I am down, I always put in one of my comedy cd's or find something funny on TV. Laughter is the best medicine!

List of My comedy Cd's

  1. Denis Leary - "No Cure for Cancer"

  2. Denis Leary - "Lock 'n Load"

  3. Chris Rock - "Roll with the New"

  4. Larry the Cable Guy - "Salutations and Flatulations"

  5. George Carlin - "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics"

  6. Jerky Boys 4

  7. Bob and Doug McKenzie - "Great White North"

  8. Eddie Murphy

    I enjoy listening to these cd's. I doesn't matter how many times I listen to them, they are still funny.

Hahn Family Stuff

   I have put up a website for my family. It contains a list of my family's e-mail addresses. It also contains a family chat room, provided by You can reach the site by clicking here.

Mustang Stuff

   I drive a dark red '94 Mustang LX and I love it, my mustang page contains cool mustang links and pictures of my mustang. Click here to go to it.