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Ford SVO 9mm Wire install

Required materials for this install:

(1) Set of Ford SVO Plug Wires ($57.17 shipped from Downs Ford)
(1) Pair of pliers
(1) Tube of Dielectric compound
(1) Pair of wire cutters
(1) Pair of little needle nose pliers (or something comparable to pry the stock crimping apart)

    I know what you are thinking, "Why does he have a plug wire article up? Don't they just plug in?". Well this set of 9mm Plugs comes half-assembled. The end that plugs into the spark plug is all ready to go. However, the end that plugs into the DIS is not assembled. On top of that, the ends that come with the plug wires are for a distributor, which are female, we need the male connectors. Therefore we will use the stock male connectors. This write-up will explain how to use them.

    First and most important thing is to do ONE WIRE AT A TIME. This is so you don't accidentally mess up the order.

    You can start with whatever wire you would like to. Unhook the wire from the DIS and the spark plug. Now, take one of the new SVO wires and trim it to about 1 to 1.5 inches longer than the stock wire. Next, clip the wire at where it goes into the boot that connects to the DIS. Not the spark plug end!   Now that you have the boot separated from the wire, turn the boot upside down and you will see the copper male connector that we need to use. To take this connector out, use the pliers to gently pull out and down on the connector. Be careful cause you would not want to break one. (I did and soldered it back together) Just be gentle and it will come out.

    Once you have the connector out, un-crimp the inch of stock wire that is left. Notice how the stock wire was crimped into the the connector. You will have to do the same thing with the new SVO wires. Now you have the copper male connector ready to use. The next step is to slide the new SVO wire through the stock boot. You may think that it is impossible, but a little Dielectric compound will go a long way. Put a little bit of the compound on the end of the wire and it will slide through the boot pretty easily. Feed the wire about 3 inches through the boot.

    Next, strip about a quarter to a half inch of insulation off the end of the wire, so that the core is exposed. Now re-crimp the wire in the copper connector like the stock wire was (with the core bent back). Make sure it is nice and tight. Once you have the wire crimped securly, begin to slide the wire backwards through the boot until it is back in the position that it was stock. Be careful not to pull the wire out of the connector, just be gentle and if you crimped them well, you will have no problem.

    Now go onto the next wire. After you have completed all the wires you are done! Make sure all the connections are secure, both on the DIS and the spark plugs. Start the car and verify that it is running OK.

If you have any questions about this write-up, please let me know.