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Audio System info.

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I started to work on the audio system in my Mustang in April of 2000. I saved up some money so I could get the equipment and I wanted and that my brother recommended. This page contains information about the current system in my car.

Audio System Details

Audio System - Wiring
  • 4 AWG Lightning Audio power wire
  • Rockford Fosgate RCA wire (2)
  • 12 AWG Lightening Audio speaker wire
Audio System - Components
  • Alpine CDA-7837 CD Player
  • MTX 4160 4-channel
  • Rockford Fosgate Punch 225.5
Audio System - Speakers
  • JL Audio 8W6 (3)
  • Rockford Fosgate 5x7 Co-axial (2)

Wiring Diagram

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2 Rockford Amps

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More amp pics

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Pic of subs playing

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Straight on pic of subs

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Another pic of the subs.

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Amp cover installed

If you have any questions about my system, feel free to e-mail me!!