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Mod info.

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This page contains many pics of the swap that I took as me and a friend did the swaps. It was a good time and I learned a lot by actually doing it! It took us about a week, working at night on the weekdays, and a Saturday and Sunday. There are many pics so please be patient. Click the pictures for a much larger image.

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One of the new heads and the new cam. These are ported and polished, new valve seals and a 3 angle valve job

DCP00319.JPG (226380 bytes)
Combustion chamber of new heads.

DCP00322.JPG (276872 bytes)
new lower intake

DCP00329.JPG (298645 bytes)
Interesting setup for draining the coolant from the radiator that we devised.

DCP00330.JPG (358710 bytes)
Engine bay before digging in.

DCP00331.JPG (399551 bytes)
Upper intake off.

DCP00332.JPG (412449 bytes)
Upper off from a wierd angle.

DCP00339.JPG (243951 bytes)
Fuel rail is out!

DCP00340.JPG (391284 bytes)
All electronics removed from the engine. (Injector harnesses, DIS removed, cam sensor, crank sensor). All accessories removed.

DCP00341.JPG (310959 bytes)
Pic of how we laid the electronics off to the side of the car.

DCP00343.JPG (443636 bytes)
Lower intake and water pump are off. Pushrods and lifters are visible.

DCP00344.JPG (413594 bytes)
Valve covers off, passenger side rockers off.

DCP00347.JPG (440619 bytes)
Drivers side rockers off.

DCP00349.JPG (453038 bytes)
Heads off, pushrods removed.

DCP00350.JPG (463984 bytes)
Timing cover removed

DCP00351.JPG (450420 bytes)
Front cover mating surface clean, new tensioner installed.

DCP00352.JPG (404565 bytes)
Reinstalling the cam sensor, being careful to reinstall it in the same position that it was installed before. My friend is holding the sensor, and yes, he works at a local Ford dealership.

DCP00355.JPG (226723 bytes)
An OK picture of the end of the cam sensor going into the oil pump. You can see it on the lower lefthand side of the picture.

DCP00356.JPG (379619 bytes)
Harmonic balancer installed.

DCP00357.JPG (366796 bytes)
Passenger side block mating surface clean.

DCP00359.JPG (69877 bytes)
Cleaning the water pump surface to get a good seal!

DCP00360.JPG (416751 bytes)
Water pump installed.

DCP00363.JPG (441424 bytes)

New heads installed with the new roller rockers mounted. Pushrods, that were too short :(, installed also.

DCP00364.JPG (375774 bytes)
New lower intake installed.

DCP00365.JPG (414826 bytes)
Valve covers installed, injectors in, wiring back in place, Adjustable fuel pressure regulator also installed.

DCP00367.JPG (426606 bytes)
Accessories installed.

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