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shoe.gif (11506 bytes)


shoe.gif (11506 bytes)

Engine Pictures

engine1.jpg (43908 bytes)

Looking straight at the engine

engine2.jpg (44011 bytes)

Looking from the drivers side

engine3.jpg (37749 bytes)

Looking from the passenger side

Pictures as of weekend of 6/16/00

Exterior Pictures

rear.jpg (54956 bytes)

Rear of the car

driverside.jpg (64396 bytes)

Drivers side from the rear

passengerside.jpg (54692 bytes)

Passenger side from rear

front.jpg (67020 bytes)

Front of the car

frontside.jpg (58988 bytes)

Drivers side from the front

driverside1.jpg (58416 bytes)

Drivers side from the rear

Exhaust Pictures

hpipe.jpg (64664 bytes)

Pacesetter H-Pipe

hpipetocats.jpg (56292 bytes)

H-Pipe connect to cats

muffconnect.jpg (54656 bytes)

H-Pipe connect to the mufflers

mufflers.jpg (54604 bytes)

Mufflers from the rear