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Upper Strut Tower Brace install

Required materials for this install:

(8) M8 body bolts
(1) Strut Tower brace

This article contains directions on installing a upper strut tower brace in a 94-95 V6 Mustang. This brace will prevent the strut towers from flexing under load. The instructions can be adapted for a 96+ Mustang, however, in these years the holes were not pre-drilled like the 94-95.

In the 94-95 Mustangs, the holes for a upper strut tower brace are already drilled and pre-nutted. Installation is very simple. Below is a parts list for the install

A brace from a 94-95 Mustang GT will fit. That is what I have on my Mustang. There are aftermarket strut tower braces available from MAC and BBK.

First, open your hood and locate the holes that will be used to bolt the strut tower brace down. There are three on each of the strut towers and two up near the firewall. In one of these holes is a plastic wire holder. You can just knock the holder out of the hole. If you want, you can support the wires that were held there somewhere else, but it isn't necessary. Once you have the holes lined up with the stock holes, use the body bolts to secure the tower brace in place. If the holes you not line up well, you may have to modify the brace slightly. I had to modify the holes by the firewall so that they would line up with the stock holes. When tightening the bolts, be careful to not over-tighten and strip the hole. Once all the bolts are in place and secure, you are done!

After installing the brace, I noticed that the front end was more solid, especially while going over bump roads. If you have any questions about this install, please feel free to e-mail me!