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Welcome to Dave's Mustang Site

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This site is dedicated to my 94 Ford Mustang V6. Here you will find information about the car and the modifications I have done to it.

Please use the navigation bar to the left to navigate through the site. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me here.

Update Listing

May 31,2000 Site Created!
June 19,2000 Picture page finished!!
August 11, 2000 Links page up!
February 18, 2001 Mods page updated!
April 01, 2001 3.73's and t-lok added to the Mod page
May 06, 2001 Installed new amp replacing the fosgate 75.2. check the audio page. Kick panels will be in soon!
May 13th, 2001 Kicks are in, EQ is in. Pics will be coming soon. EEC Tuner also installed. Check the mod page.
August 7th, 2001 Tore down the top end of the motor. Installed new cam, new heads. Intakes will be on this week and car will be running!
August 26th, 2001 Check out the new page I put up for the build up with new cam, heads and intakes! Click here.
Tuesday March 26, 2002 Site updated with various changes in the mods and writeups sections. Also, my email address has changed. Update your address books!