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Snoop Doggy Dog - Tha Last Meal

I would like to first of all say that I am currently bumping this cd up and down the streets. I love my main man, Big Snoop Dogg. BUT, this cd could have been so much better it is unbelievable. Right off the bat on track 2 it gets you started on the feel of the album titled "Hennessey and Buddah", you can't help but sit there and bob your head to this track. The big single off this cd will no doubt be "what?s my name pt. 2", with the beat produced by Timbaland it has ?hit?written all over it. The beat is so tight and the chorus gets stuck in your head and you will be singing it all day long. Numbers 4,5,7,9,10,13,15,17,19 are all solid tracks and make this album Snoop's best cd since probably Doggystyle(if you don?t count Tha Eastsidaz cd)

. What has been holding Snoop back is No Limit records. The tracks that are produced or mixed by Dr. Dre, Battlecat and any of Snoop’s hit squad shine so bright. There is also one track that is a blatant No Talent plug, track number 18, I officially listened to about 3 seconds of that track. Like Snoop says so many times, you can’t keep a top dogg down, and of course snoop will not be held down any longer. Since his contract is up with No Limit, he is going to be releasing his new records on his own Dogghouse Records label and be using his own personnel and calling all the shots. Look for the S-N-double O-P to blow like Hiroshima on his next cd.

This commentary written by minifridge.