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rediculous names

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rediculous names
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This page is filled with names that me an my friends have thought of. Some are pretty rediculous, but they made us laugh or shake our head when we thought of them. Some of them probably couldn't be considered names, but they are still funny.

Just imagine if someone was named.....

Penispump McCadmiumcoveredscrot
Hickoryfarms McUsethesausageasadildo
Cornpoop McAfterthanksgivingdinner
Yamfarts McAfterhanksgivingdinner
Pullout N. McShootonthejugs
Steve Fecaltits
Greg Shit
Cleanup McWith409
Cellophane Genitals
Dirty Wang Sanchez
Fornicator McSoiledboxers
Origami K-Martplow
Janice Igloosex
Kyle Tarp
Semen Licklog
Cumrag McWouldn'tletmeshootonthejugs
"Poopy" Peter Wang
Peter McEater
Terminalcancer McBurntmyscrotonthestove
Toastertits McBagelnips
Faggot McAsspound
Jonathan Pooppack
Rimshot McCouldn'tfindacondom
Danglesack McCurbcheckednuts
Dick Fucker
Harry Dingleberry
Becky Firehose
Dick Wanger
Dick Wanker
Long Wanger
Fartpipe McVTECstickeronmycivic