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Disclaimer: These opinions are just that. My opinions. Forgive me if they aren't perfectly in order. I am usually thinking while I am typing..

This damn election

This little article is about the presidential election that this country just experienced.  As of now it is over, but I think it's effects will be felt for years to come. Not so much on the country as a whole, but on one person. That person is Al Gore. I don't know about the rest of the country, but after Florida sealed their vote count I considered the election over. But obviously, he didn't. That's when this whole thing started to piss me off. I agreed when the votes weren't totally counted that they should be counted.

But Florida kind of fucked that up to. They should have counted the whole state over, not just the states that Al Gore wanted counted.  I suppose I shouldn't expect much from people who can't punch a hole in a damn card. Idiots.

But anyways.....

He should have conceded when the votes were sealed. After that, he just seemed desperate. And because of that, I don't think he has a ice cube's chance in hell of winning another election. He won't get my vote because of what he did this year.

I am not saying that I support Bush. He is just as much of an idiot as Gore.  Some of the things I have heard him say are so dumb, they want me want to stick a fork into my temple.   Like "Social security isn't a federal program" (not a exact quote, but idea is the same). What kind of stupid shit is that? He wants to be our president and he doesn't know that SS is a federal program? Or maybe he isn't a good public speaker. All that coke does wonders for public speech. Either way, he is an certifiable idiot. I just hope he doesn't blow the country up.